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Isin DE0007664005
Ticker VOW.DE
Aware Investor Index (AII) 4.5171
Recommendation BUY
P/E 5.80
ROE 8.50 %
Capitalization 47,147,316,440 $
Dividend Yield 3.26 %
P/S 0.20
AII Position 145
P/E Position 14
ROE Position 514
Capitalization Position 181
Dividend Yield Position 152
Sales 213,292,000,000 €
10-Year Average Earnings 7,486,900,000 €
Shares Outstanding 295,089,818
Equity 88,060,000,000 €
Dividend per Share 4.8 €
Industry Automotive
Country Germany
VOLKSWAGEN Investor Relations Web Site http://www.volkswagenag.com/content/vwcorp/content/en/investor_relations.html


2015 12 213,292,000,000.00 €
2014 12 202,458,000,000.00 €
2013 12 197,007,000,000.00 €


2015 12 -1,582,000,000.00 €
2014 12 10,847,000,000.00 €
2013 12 9,066,000,000.00 €
2012 12 21,712,000,000.00 €
2011 12 15,409,000,000.00 €
2010 12 6,835,000,000.00 €
2009 12 960,000,000.00 €
2008 12 4,753,000,000.00 €
2007 12 4,120,000,000.00 €
2006 12 2,749,000,000.00 €


2015 12 88,060,000,000.00 €
2014 12 89,991,000,000.00 €
2013 12 87,733,000,000.00 €
2012 12 77,515,000,000.00 €
2011 12 57,539,000,000.00 €

Shares Outstanding:

2015 12 295,089,818
2014 12 295,089,818
2013 12 295,089,818
2012 12 295,089,818
2011 12 295,089,818


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