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Isin IT0004176001
Ticker PRY.MI
Aware Investor Index (AII) 0.0925
Recommendation SELL
P/E 32.94
ROE 10.80 %
Capitalization 5,504,716,831 $
Dividend Yield 1.77 %
P/S 0.69
AII Position 483
P/E Position 439
ROE Position 391
Capitalization Position 579
Dividend Yield Position 370
Sales 7,361,000,000 €
10-Year Average Earnings 153,816,200 €
Shares Outstanding 214,042,000
Equity 1,424,000,000 €
Dividend per Share 0.42 €
Industry Manufacturing
Country Italy
PRYSMIAN Investor Relations Web Site http://investoren.prysmian.com


2015 12 7,361,000,000.00 €
2014 12 6,840,000,000.00 €
2013 12 7,273,000,000.00 €


2015 12 214,000,000.00 €
2014 12 115,000,000.00 €
2013 12 153,000,000.00 €
2012 12 171,000,000.00 €
2011 12 -145,000,000.00 €
2010 12 150,000,000.00 €
2009 12 252,000,000.00 €
2008 12 235,000,000.00 €
2007 12 302,000,000.00 €
2006 12 91,162,000.00 €


2015 12 1,424,000,000.00 €
2014 12 1,183,000,000.00 €
2013 12 1,195,000,000.00 €
2012 12 1,159,000,000.00 €
2011 12 1,104,000,000.00 €
2010 12 799,000,000.00 €

Shares Outstanding:

2015 12 214,042,000
2014 12 212,373,000
2013 12 214,591,710
2012 12 211,504,000
2011 12 214,393,481


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Apr 26, 2017
U.S. Highlights Sanctions, Diplomacy as North Korea Threat Grows
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Apr 26, 2017
Lumber, Nafta and Mexico Signal Long Canada-U.S. Trade Spat
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Apr 26, 2017
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Apr 25, 2017
Why China's New Aircraft Carrier Should Worry India
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Reuters - 12 Apr 2017
Prysmian in talks over potential acquisitions, won't overpay: CEO
MILAN Italy's Prysmian (PRY.MI), the world's largest cable maker, is discussing potential acquisitions but is not prepared to overpay, Chief ...
Reuters UK - 23 Nov 2016
From books to banks: Investors place bets against Italy meltdown
MI), cable maker Prysmian (PRY.MI) and the saving shares of Italy's strongest big bank, Intesa Sanpaolo (ISP.MI). In bond markets, analysts ...
Reuters - 4 Feb 2011
Prysmian clinches Draka bid to form cable leader
MILAN/AMSTERDAM Italy's Prysmian (PRY.MI) said on Friday it had clinched the required number of shares to take over Dutch group Draka ...
Reuters UK - 2 Apr 2014
EU regulators fine Goldman Sachs, Prysmian for cable cartel
N), the world's top cablemaker Prysmian (PRY.MI), Nexans (NEXS.PA) and eight cable firms were fined a total of 302 million euros (249 million ...
Reuters - 21 Mar 2014
Goldman, Prysmian, Nexans face cable price-fixing fines - sources
N), which acquired Italy's Prysmian (PRY.MI) via one of its private equity funds in 2005, declined to comment. It has since sold its holding.
Reuters - 6 Jan 2011
China's Xinmao pulls plug on Draka cable bid
AS on Thursday, leaving Italy's Prysmian (PRY.MI) free to seal a lower-priced deal and form an industry leader. Xinmao's attempt to grab a slice ...
Reuters - 8 Aug 2014
China central bank pushes on with Italy stake acquisitions
MI, top domestic telecoms operator Telecom Italia (TLIT.MI) and Prysmian (PRY.MI), the world's biggest cable-maker. In March, the central bank ...
Reuters - 14 Oct 2014
Italy and China sign business deals worth $10 billion
Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi (R) stands next to China's Premier Li Keqiang as they arrives for a meeting at Chigi Palace in Rome, ...
Reuters - 22 Nov 2010
Dutch family holds key to Chinese offer for Draka
PA) of France against Italy's Prysmian (PRY.MI) to hook a deal on Monday with the number two player. But within hours, Flint also landed a ...
Barron's - 4 Jul 2014
Where to Invest in Europe
European stocks are no longer in the bargain bin, but mutual-fund managers are still finding a lot to like -- especially companies focused on ...