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Isin IT0004894900
Ticker MSK.MI
Aware Investor Index (AII) 0.0282
Recommendation SELL
P/E 39.06
ROE 11.92 %
Capitalization 554,127,364 $
Dividend Yield 1.96 %
P/S 3.98
AII Position 590
P/E Position 520
ROE Position 353
Capitalization Position 763
Dividend Yield Position 331
Sales 128,196,000 €
10-Year Average Earnings 13,057,125 €
Shares Outstanding 212,500,830
Equity 109,532,000 €
Dividend per Share 0.047 €
Industry Entertainment
Country Italy
MOLESKINE Investor Relations Web Site http://corporate.moleskine.com/


2015 12 128,196,000.00 €
2014 12 98,792,000.00 €
2013 12 87,181,000.00 €


2015 12 27,124,000.00 €
2014 12 16,525,000.00 €
2013 12 11,913,000.00 €
2012 12 18,197,000.00 €
2011 12 13,820,000.00 €
2010 12 4,377,000.00 €
2009 12 10,159,000.00 €
2008 12 2,342,000.00 €


2015 12 109,532,000.00 €
2014 12 89,060,000.00 €
2013 12 76,769,843.00 €
2012 12 31,975,000.00 €

Shares Outstanding:

2015 12 212,500,830
2014 12 212,124,909
2013 12 212,000,000
2012 12 200,000,000


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Oct 18, 2017
More Than Half the EU Is Still Racing to Comply With MiFID Rules
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Goldman Sachs Asks for $30,000 for Research Post-MiFID
a year for up to 10 of their staff to access basic research through its analyst portal once the MiFID II rules come into force in January, according to people with knowledge of the matter.The package...
Oct 18, 2017
Evening Briefing Europe: Brexit Blues, MiFID, Rio Tinto, Robots, Skiing
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Oct 18, 2017
Wall Street Poised to Get a Key SEC Reprieve Over MiFID
investment funds. The practice, which keeps trading costs down, could be put in jeopardy by MiFID II.How MiFID II Puts a Price on Investment Research: QuickTake Q&AThe SEC’s guidance hasn’t been finalized...
Oct 18, 2017
Wall Street Said Poised for SEC MiFID Reprieve
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Oct 18, 2017
SEC Said Providing a MiFID Reprieve to Wall Street
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Reuters UK - 22 Sep 2016
Belgium's D'Ieteren agrees to buy 41 percent of Moleskine
BR) has agreed to buy a 41 percent stake in notebook maker Moleskine MSK.MI and will launch a mandatory offer for the remaining shares of ...
Seeking Alpha - 13 May 2015
Moleskine: Italian Luxury Growth Stock
Moleskine S.p.A. (OTCPK:MOSKY) is an Italy-based company that ... Currently, on the Italian stock exchange, MSK.MI is traded around 1,49/1 ...
Reuters UK - 4 Apr 2013
Versace family may consider sale option for growth
Notebook maker Moleskine MSK.MI was valued at nearly 15 times its 2012 earnings when it debuted on the Milan stock market on Wednesday, ...
Wall Street Journal (blog) - 3 May 2014
Children Clothing Brand Bonpoint Director Says She is Inspired by ...
I carry a Moleskine MSK.MI -1.17% or a Muji notebook whenever I travel. One of my muses is: the character Eloise from the 1950s books by Kay ...