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Isin RU0007661625
Ticker GAZP.ME
Currency RUB
Aware Investor Index (AII) 3.3479
Recommendation BUY
P/E 4.57
ROE 6.22 %
Capitalization 52,969,203,888 $
Dividend Yield 6.01 %
P/S 0.50
AII Position 168
P/E Position 8
ROE Position 629
Capitalization Position 163
Dividend Yield Position 31
Sales 6,073,318,000,000 RUB
10-Year Average Earnings 658,919,590,200 RUB
Shares Outstanding 22,951,000,000
Equity 10,589,586,000,000 RUB
Dividend per Share 7.89 RUB
Industry Oil and Gas
Country Russia
GAZPROM Investor Relations Web Site http://www.gazprom.com/investors/


2015 12 6,073,318,000,000.00 RUB
2014 12 5,660,975,000,000.00 RUB
2013 12 5,249,965,000,000.00 RUB


2015 12 805,199,000,000.00 RUB
2014 12 157,192,000,000.00 RUB
2013 12 1,165,705,000,000.00 RUB
2012 12 1,252,415,000,000.00 RUB
2011 12 1,342,442,000,000.00 RUB
2010 12 364,478,382,000.00 RUB
2009 12 624,613,273,000.00 RUB
2008 12 173,021,630,000.00 RUB
2007 12 360,449,550,000.00 RUB
2006 12 343,680,067,000.00 RUB


2015 12 10,589,586,000,000.00 RUB
2014 12 11,986,618,000,000.00 RUB
2013 12 9,634,354,000,000.00 RUB
2012 12 8,701,094,000,000.00 RUB
2011 12 7,760,991,000,000.00 RUB

Shares Outstanding:

2015 12 22,951,000,000
2014 12 22,951,000,000
2013 12 23,700,000,000
2012 12 22,900,000,000
2011 12 23,670,658,342


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Wall Street Daily - 22 May 2014
Russia and China's Scary New Alliance
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TheStreet.com - 14 Jan 2015
Worst Offenders: The 20 Top Global Greenhouse Gas Polluters in ...
Gazprom GAZP.ME Russia Sector: Energy, Integrated Oil & Gas. Gazprom emitted 131.89 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent in 2013. From 1751 through 2010 (it was founded in 1989), it accounted for 2.22% of global emissions, according to the Climatic Change report. 7. Duke Energy (DUK)