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Isin US0231351067
Ticker AMZN
Currency $
Aware Investor Index (AII) 0.0000
Recommendation STRONG SELL
P/E 882.97
ROE 3.43 %
Capitalization 404,930,070,000 $
Dividend Yield 0.00 %
P/S 3.78
AII Position 768
P/E Position 785
ROE Position 739
Capitalization Position 5
Dividend Yield Position 629
Sales 107,006,000,000 $
10-Year Average Earnings 458,600,000 $
Shares Outstanding 477,000,000
Equity 13,384,000,000 $
Dividend per Share 0 $
Industry Internet
Country United States
AMAZON.COM Investor Relations Web Site http://www.amazon.com


2015 12 107,006,000,000.00 $
2014 12 88,988,000,000.00 $
2013 12 74,452,000,000.00 $
2012 12 61,093,000,000.00 $
2011 12 48,077,000,000.00 $
2010 12 34,204,000,000.00 $
2009 12 24,509,000,000.00 $
2008 12 19,166,000,000.00 $
2007 12 14,835,000,000.00 $
2006 12 10,711,000,000.00 $


2015 12 596,000,000.00 $
2014 12 -241,000,000.00 $
2013 12 274,000,000.00 $
2012 12 -39,000,000.00 $
2011 12 631,000,000.00 $
2010 12 1,152,000,000.00 $
2009 12 902,000,000.00 $
2008 12 645,000,000.00 $
2007 12 476,000,000.00 $
2006 12 190,000,000.00 $


2015 12 13,384,000,000.00 $
2014 12 10,741,000,000.00 $
2013 12 9,746,000,000.00 $
2012 12 8,192,000,000.00 $
2011 12 7,757,000,000.00 $

Shares Outstanding:

2015 12 477,000,000
2014 12 462,000,000
2013 12 465,000,000
2012 12 453,000,000
2011 12 461,000,000


Bloomberg News for AMAZON.COM:

Jun 19, 2018
FAANGs Quietly Show Strength in Tumultuous Period: Taking Stock
members of the FAANG complex quietly had a relatively huge day on Monday (GOOGL +2.1%, FB +1.3%, AMZN +0.5%), considering the broader weakness in the tape, and the group as a whole looks to be making...
May 30, 2018
They Say There's No Such Thing as a Moral Victory: Taking Stock
traders should have been rotating hand-over-fist into the most defensive groups -- MU, AMAT, FB, AMZN, TWTR all finished in the green, while CRM ripped nearly 5% last night on an earnings beat and...
Apr 30, 2018
If Earnings Can’t Save This Market, Maybe M&A Will: Taking Stock
want to see from the flurry of reports in the space that came in strong in the past few sessions (AMZN, FB, BIDU, MSFT, INTC, AMD, QCOM, et al)?And how can these sector bulls feel any better going...
Apr 26, 2018
The Bulls Need to Have Their Pulses Checked Pronto: Taking Stock
first and foremost being a rash of results after the bell from some of the biggest names in tech (AMZN, MSFT, INTC, BIDU, WDC, KLAC, and more) that might not come in as sanguine as the ones we received...
Apr 27, 2018
There’s No Good Reason Why We Aren’t Up 20 Handles: Taking Stock
with Facebook, the post-earnings trading action for the biggest tech names skewed more positive (AMZN +7.1% and poised to open at a record, INTC +5.7%, MSFT +3.5%, BIDU +4.3%, EXPE +11%) than negative...
Apr 23, 2018
This Market Needs the FAANGs to Perform, Or Else: Taking Stock
whole goes higher or lower from here: GOOGL reports after the bell followed by FB on Wednesday and AMZN on Thursday (also MSFT, TWTR and BIDU report this week).But the fact that traders are looking...
Apr 10, 2018
FAANGs Can Weather Storm With Confident Zuckerberg: Taking Stock
recommending a buy.And JPMorgan’s Internet analysts are out with a big note today saying to buy FB, AMZN, TWTR, and YELP on the recent pullback, citing strong fundamentals beneath headlines and regulatory...
Apr 3, 2018
Everyone Says to Buy the Dip, Even the White House: Taking Stock
"He’s off the hook on this. It’s war." -- advisers are reportedly encouraging Trump to cancel AMZN’s multibillion-dollar contract with the Pentagon to provide cloud computing services.Sell-siders...
Mar 20, 2018
Facebook Bulls Aren't Throwing in the Towel Over Latest Hiccup
close and is now the sole member of the FAANG complex in negative territory for 2018 (NFLX +63%, AMZN +32%, GOOGL +4.4%, AAPL +3.6%)...
Mar 20, 2018
Bezos Walks Robotic Dog as Facebook Crisis Deepens: Taking Stock
tweeted this: A picture of himself strutting in the sunshine with a robotic dog. For the record, AMZN is up 32% year-to-date vs FB -2.2% (now the only FAANG member in negative territory in 2018).Boeing...

Google News for AMAZON.COM:

StockNews.com (blog) - 1 day ago
Analyst: Amazon.com, Inc. (AMZN) Next Stop Is $2000
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Supreme Court Ruling on Sales Tax Weighs on Amazon.com, Inc ...
Shares of Amazon.com, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) are under pressure in the wake of ruling from the Supreme Court. The High Court has ruled that ...
Amazon to open a fulfillment center in Alabama, bringing 1500 full ...
Amazon.com Inc (NASDAQ:AMZN) announced that it will be opening ... State officials expressed excitement about Amazon.coming to Alabama.
Amazon Partners With Marriott To Put Alexa In Hotels
Amazon.com Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) recently partnered with Marriott International Inc. (NYSE: MAR) to expand the presence of Amazon's Echo ...
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Alphabet Inc Versus Amazon.com, Inc. Stock: Which Is the Better Buy?
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A tech goof might have just leaked the date for Amazon Prime Day
Often some of the best deals on Amazon.com during Prime Day are for Amazon's own devices, such as the Echo, Kindle, and Fire TV Stick.
Amazon Becomes Credit Card King Maker
Through some financial partnership the consumer cannot see, Amazon.com Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN), the largest online retailer, is helping ...
Amazon Stock Stands Out Among Mega-Caps
Fortunately for Amazon.com, Inc. (Nasdaq: AMZN) investors, there are plenty of growth opportunities out there even at Amazon's massive size.
Proactive Investors USA & Canada - 19 hours ago
Better Buy: Amazon.com vs. Google
Better Buy: Amazon.com vs. ... better typify the internet age than e-commerce giant Amazon.com (NASDAQ:AMZN) and search leader Google, ...
Trump Pitches Fixing, Then Privatizing US Postal Service
... Trump of the United States Postal Service's package delivery deal with Amazon.com, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) is manifesting itself in other ways ...