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Isin US31620M1062
Ticker FIS
Currency $
Aware Investor Index (AII) 0.0051
Recommendation STRONG SELL
P/E 55.49
ROE 4.59 %
Capitalization 23,751,349,000 $
Dividend Yield 1.26 %
P/S 3.60
AII Position 681
P/E Position 632
ROE Position 696
Capitalization Position 317
Dividend Yield Position 471
Sales 6,595,200,000 $
10-Year Average Earnings 428,000,900 $
Shares Outstanding 288,700,000
Equity 9,321,000,000 $
Dividend per Share 1.04 $
Industry Financial Services
Country United States
FIDELITY NATIONAL INFORMATION SERVICES Investor Relations Web Site http://www.investor.fisglobal.com


2015 12 6,595,200,000.00 $
2014 12 6,413,800,000.00 $
2013 12 6,070,700,000.00 $


2015 12 631,500,000.00 $
2014 12 679,100,000.00 $
2013 12 493,100,000.00 $
2012 12 461,200,000.00 $
2011 12 469,600,000.00 $
2010 12 404,500,000.00 $
2009 12 105,900,000.00 $
2008 12 214,800,000.00 $
2007 12 561,222,000.00 $
2006 12 259,087,000.00 $


2015 12 9,321,000,000.00 $
2014 12 6,691,500,000.00 $
2013 12 6,737,300,000.00 $
2012 12 6,793,600,000.00 $

Shares Outstanding:

2015 12 288,700,000
2014 12 288,700,000
2013 12 294,200,000
2012 12 297,500,000



Nov 4, 2011
S&P 500 Stocks Biggest Weekly Changes in Target Price
80.08 85.92 3.696 ANF ABERCROMBIE & F -6.77 25 77.69 83.33 4.029 FIS FIDELITY NATION -6.49 13 32.42 34.67 3.765 FTR FRONTIER COMMUN -6...
Aug 4, 2010
U.S. Stock Options With Biggest Changes in Implied Volatility
1775 STEC STEC INC STEC US 8/21/10 C15 -34.8 54.0 0.56 -61.4 5303 FIS FIDELITY NA FIS US 8/21/10 P27.5 -33.2 23.8 0.57 62.9 2276 PCLN PRICELINE.C PCLN US 8/21/10...
Feb 28, 2011
Indicated Dividend Yield Rankings of S&P 500 Companies
5.7 2/9/2011 LNC Lincoln National Corp 0.63 0.05 8.1 2/24/2011 FIS Fidelity National Informa 0.62 0.05 12.3 1/26/2011 IR Ingersoll-Rand PLC...
Aug 31, 2010
Indicated Dividend Yield Ranking for the S&P 500 by Industry
91 0.05 10.6 CA CA Inc 0.89 0.04 9.4 FIS Fidelity National Information 0.77 0.05 21.1 V Visa Inc ...
Mar 9, 2017
A World Without Wi-Fi Looks Possible as Unlimited Plans Catch On
use Wi-Fi to connect to the internet. Wi-Fi also helps fill in gaps in some office buildings and homes that have spotty cellphone coverage.Some wireless carriers also still rely on Wi-Fi networks...
Jul 5, 2016
That ATM at the Bar Could Go Away as Chip Cards Loom
point-of-sale terminal manufacturers have,ā€ Robert Woodbury, senior vice president and general manager at FIS Payment Networks, said in an interview.The new technology is designed to cut down on use of counterfeit...
Jun 30, 2015
Blackstone and BlackRock Are Getting Into Each Other's Business
losing his conĀ­gressional seat. He says he took half a dozen phone calls from Schwarzman during the fisĀ­cal cliff standoff, which ended with comproĀ­mise legislation at the last moment. Cantor remains...
Feb 3, 2017
FISā€™ Dugas: Change to Volcker Rule Could Have Biggest Impact
GUEST: Peter Dugas, former deputy assistant secretary of the Treasury and Managing Director at FISā€™ Center of Regulatory Intelligence, on the tech and business implications for a Dodd-Frank repeal...
May 17, 2017
Google to Offer New AI ā€˜Supercomputerā€™ Chip Via Cloud
inside Googleā€™s Cloud business division. Image classification is one of the machine learning tools Fiā€™s team is offering cloud clients, and the new chip will make this more accessible and usable.EBay...
Oct 13, 2015
Second Shareholder Joins Attempt to Block MPI-Maurel Oil Merger
by Etablissements Maurel & Prom SA.The deal undervalues MPI, Lux-Investment Professionals SICAV-FIS SA, which owns 0.9 percent of the company, wrote in a letter to the board of directors. That follows...


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Hot Mover to Watch – Fidelity National Information Services Inc ...
Fidelity National Information Services Inc (NYSE: FIS) is a stock with 329.40M shares outstanding. As the earnings per share (EPS) formula is stated as earnings available to common shareholders divided by number of common stock shares outstanding, therefore its diluted EPS is calculated to be 1.60 (ttm) ...
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Fidelity National Information Services, Inc. (FIS) stock price moved with surging change along with the volume 1.7 million shares in Friday trading session. Shares are trading price at $100.64 with move of 0.54%. The company's 3-months average volume stands at 1.59 million. At current stock price levels, ...
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Fidelity National Information Services, Inc. (FIS) sticks almost -0.13 ...
Fidelity National Information Services, Inc. (FIS) , a stock from Information Technology Services Industry, has a value of $100.64 per share, noted a price change of 0.54% in recent trade close. It has a dividend yield of 1.27%. The price to earnings growth ratio is 4.97 and the price to sales ratio is 3.63.