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Isin US3453708600
Ticker F
Currency $
Aware Investor Index (AII) 0.0946
Recommendation SELL
P/E 27.54
ROE 6.42 %
Capitalization 50,665,320,000 $
Dividend Yield 4.74 %
P/S 0.34
AII Position 480
P/E Position 348
ROE Position 615
Capitalization Position 170
Dividend Yield Position 73
Sales 149,558,000,000 $
10-Year Average Earnings 1,839,600,000 $
Shares Outstanding 4,002,000,000
Equity 28,642,000,000 $
Dividend per Share 0.6 $
Industry Automotive
Country United States
FORD MOTOR Investor Relations Web Site http://corporate.ford.com/our-company/investors


2015 12 149,558,000,000.00 $
2014 12 144,077,000,000.00 $
2013 12 146,917,000,000.00 $


2015 12 7,373,000,000.00 $
2014 12 1,231,000,000.00 $
2013 12 11,953,000,000.00 $
2012 12 1,917,000,000.00 $
2011 12 16,885,000,000.00 $
2010 12 6,481,000,000.00 $
2009 12 2,717,000,000.00 $
2008 12 -14,766,000,000.00 $
2007 12 -2,795,000,000.00 $
2006 12 -12,600,000,000.00 $


2015 12 28,642,000,000.00 $
2014 12 24,805,000,000.00 $
2013 12 26,416,000,000.00 $
2012 12 15,989,000,000.00 $
2011 12 15,071,000,000.00 $

Shares Outstanding:

2015 12 4,002,000,000
2014 12 4,045,000,000
2013 12 4,087,000,000
2012 12 3,815,000,000
2011 12 3,793,000,000


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