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Isin US5010441013
Ticker KR
Company KROGER
Currency $
Aware Investor Index (AII) 1.6843
Recommendation BUY
P/E 24.75
ROE 17.81 %
Capitalization 30,056,600,000 $
Dividend Yield 1.33 %
P/S 0.27
AII Position 211
P/E Position 308
ROE Position 193
Capitalization Position 272
Dividend Yield Position 458
Sales 109,830,000,000 $
10-Year Average Earnings 1,214,350,000 $
Shares Outstanding 980,000,000
Equity 6,820,000,000 $
Dividend per Share 0.408 $
Industry Retailing
Country United States
KROGER Investor Relations Web Site http://ir.kroger.com


2016 1 109,830,000,000.00 $
2015 1 108,465,000,000.00 $
2014 1 98,375,000,000.00 $


2016 1 2,039,000,000.00 $
2015 1 1,728,000,000.00 $
2014 1 1,519,000,000.00 $
2013 1 1,496,500,000.00 $
2012 1 602,000,000.00 $
2011 1 1,116,000,000.00 $
2010 1 70,000,000.00 $
2009 1 1,249,000,000.00 $
2008 1 1,209,000,000.00 $
2007 1 1,115,000,000.00 $


2016 1 6,820,000,000.00 $
2015 1 5,412,000,000.00 $
2014 1 5,384,000,000.00 $
2013 1 4,210,800,000.00 $
2012 1 3,981,000,000.00 $

Shares Outstanding:

2016 1 980,000,000
2015 1 497,000,000
2014 1 520,000,000
2013 1 536,600,000
2012 1 612,000,000


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Jun 20, 2017
South Korea Bets on Hyperloop With Licensing Deal
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Jun 23, 2017
North Korea Is No Place for U.S. Tourists
case-by-case basis.) Congress should pass it speedily.The U.S. should also make clear to South Korea that, under current conditions, plans to use a North Korean ski resort in the upcoming 2018 Winter...
Jun 22, 2017
Keep Trade With Korea Free
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Jun 18, 2017
Kim Says South Korea, China Agree to Cooperate
Finance ministers from South Korea and China met for the first time in almost a year at the annual AIIB conference in Jeju. Bloomberg caught up exclusively with Korea's Dong-yeon Kim who said Seoul...
Jun 23, 2017
Why Competitive Video Gaming Is the Hot New Thing
occasionally sell out NBA-sized arenas.7. Are there superstars?Definitely. Consider 21-year-old South Korean Lee Sang-hyeok, better known by his esports handle "Faker." He is widely considered to be the...
Jun 18, 2017
South Korea Finance Chief Hopeful of Easing Tensions With China
countries soured after former South Korean President Park Geun-hye decided last year to implement a U.S. missile shield in response to provocation by North Korea. The backlash from China, which...
Jun 22, 2017
What Are Options for Dealing With North Korea?: QuickTake Q&A
border, and a South Korean counterattack would add to the damage. Whether U.S. military capabilities -- including Thaad, a U.S. missile defense system deployed in South Korea -- could defend against...
Jun 18, 2017
South Korea's Moon Appoints First Female Foreign Minister
South Korean President Moon Jae-in appointed former United Nations policy adviser Kang Kyung-wha as foreign minister on Sunday, the first female chief in the ministry’s 70-year history.Kang’s appointment...
Jun 22, 2017
Asia Equities Climb as Technology, Health-Care Stocks Advance
acquire office towers in Sydney.SummaryTopix +0.2%; Nikkei 225 +0.2%Hang Seng Index +0.6%South Korea’s Kospi +0.3%Taiwan’s Taiex +0.4%; Singapore’s Straits Times Index +0.6%Indonesia’s Jakarta...

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