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Isin US8475601097
Ticker ENB
Currency $
Aware Investor Index (AII) 0.0012
Recommendation STRONG SELL
P/E 44.94
ROE 2.02 %
Capitalization 52,746,760,000 $
Dividend Yield 7.00 %
P/S 1.19
AII Position 682
P/E Position 552
ROE Position 711
Capitalization Position 173
Dividend Yield Position 26
Sales 44,378,000,000 $
10-Year Average Earnings 1,173,600,000 $
Shares Outstanding 1,532,000,000
Equity 58,135,000,000 $
Dividend per Share 2.41 $
Industry Oil and Gas Equipment
Country United States
ENBRIDGE Investor Relations Web Site http://www.enbridge.com/investment-center/dashboard


2017 12 44,378,000,000.00 $
2016 12 34,560,000,000.00 $
2015 12 33,794,000,000.00 $
2014 12 37,641,000,000.00 $
2013 12 32,918,000,000.00 $


2017 12 2,529,000,000.00 $
2016 12 1,776,000,000.00 $
2015 12 -37,000,000.00 $
2014 12 1,154,000,000.00 $
2013 12 446,000,000.00 $


2017 12 58,135,000,000.00 $
2016 12 21,386,000,000.00 $

Shares Outstanding:

2017 12 1,532,000,000
2016 12 918,000,000
2015 12 847,000,000


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